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Smart Regs – Boulder Rentals


All licensed rental housing in Boulder must pass a Smart Regs inspection before December 31, 2018. If your property is not currently licensed, it will need to be prior to the inspection.
– Smart Regs are a new baseline energy efficiency requirements for existing rental housing in Boulder. Improving energy efficiency in existing rental housing enhances tenant comfort and supports the community’s energy goals and climate commitment.

What is EnergySmart?

The EnergySmart Service, developed by the City of Boulder and Boulder County, provides a SmartRegs Compliance Pathway for owners and property managers. Designed to eliminate hassle, EnergySmart will provide:

Owners and property managers with a comprehensive, one-stop-shop for energy efficiency solutions;
A free, dedicated energy advisor to assist with determining where individual properties stand in relation to SmartRegs compliance, and to recommend the best method of compliance for each individual rental property; and
Direct installation of free energy efficiency measures, help scheduling contractors for any efficiency improvements that need to be made, and assistance identifying and applying for eligible rebates and incentives.
Contact EnergySmart at or call 303-544-1001 to speak with an energy advisor.

What happens if I don’t comply by Dec. 31, 2018?

The rental license for all licensed rental properties that do not pass a SmartRegs inspection before the end of 2018 will expire on Dec. 31, 2018. Additionally, until the property reaches SmartRegs compliance, you will not be able to receive or renew a rental license at the start of 2019 and beyond. The discovery of an unlicensed rental property will result in legal action.


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